Welcome to Phonics at Faith Primary Academy 

Our Co-Ordinator is Miss Thomas

Our Vision

At Faith Primary Academy, the intent of our Phonics program is to ensure that all pupils become fluent readers with a secure grasp of phonics by the end of Key Stage 1. We are Read Write Inc. school and take pride in delivering the program when our children begin with us in Nursery. Our aim is to establish a strong foundation in phonics which will enable children to decode and read words accurately and fluently, thus fostering a lifelong love for reading. We are committed to providing a systematic and sequential teaching approach that caters to the needs of all learners.


  1. High-Quality Phonics Teaching: Staff members delivering Phonics at Faith Primary Academy are fully Read Write Inc. trained and receive regular training on effective phonics teaching methods, ensuring consistency in approach across all year groups in fortnightly phonics meetings and weekly coaching.
  2. Structured Phonics Programme:We follow the well-structured and progressive phonics programme Read Write Inc. that includes daily phonics sessions for all children in Reception and Key Stage 1.
  3. Grouping and Intervention:Children are streamed according to their phonics facilitating that all phonics lessons meet the needs of all learners. Staff provide additional support or challenge where necessary. Daily Phonic Tutoring is put in place for children who require extra help to catch up with their peers allowing them to make steady progress through the Read Write Inc. program.
  4. Phonics in Context:We ensure that phonics is taught in meaningful contexts, linking it to reading books and literacy activities to demonstrate the practical application of phonetic knowledge through Ready Steady Write English lessons, which take place daily.
  5. Assessment and Tracking:Continuous assessment is carried out to monitor the progress of each child in phonics with re grouping assessment taking place every 6 weeks. This data is used to inform future teaching and provide timely interventions when needed.
  6. Regular Monitoring and Feedback:The Reading Leader conducts regular observations of phonics lessons, providing constructive feedback to teachers to enhance the quality of phonics provision. With weekly coaching sessions taking place with all reading teachers. Reading teachers take part in a Read Write Inc. development day each half term.
  7. Parental Involvement:We actively involve parents in the phonics learning journey of their children, providing workshops and resources to support phonics practice at home.


The impact of our phonics provision at Faith Primary Academy is evidenced by the significant progress and attainment of our pupils in reading and writing. Through regular formative assessments and summative evaluations, we have consistently seen accelerated growth in phonics proficiency among all cohorts, including those with special educational needs or English as an additional language.

Our pupils demonstrate a deep understanding of phoneme-grapheme correspondence, blending, segmenting, and other essential phonics skills, enabling them to tackle a wide range of texts with confidence and comprehension. The strong phonics foundation laid at our school not only supports academic achievement but also nurtures a love for reading and self-expression, empowering our pupils to succeed academically and beyond.


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Phonics games

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Information for Parents:

Please see below attachments on how to support your child’s Phonics at home.