Year 1 "We want everyone in our school to be happy and safe."

Year 2 - "We want to make good changes for our school."

Year 3 - " We will make sure that every child in our school is included and valued."

Year 4 - "We will hold meetings to discuss important changes for our school."

Year 5 - "We will make sure that we involve our Local Community in our learning."

Head Girl and Head Boy - "We will present ideas to our Faith Family and Community."

What is a School Council?

A school council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. They work together as the voices of their classmates – bringing ideas and improvements to the table to make important changes.


September 2022- Our First Meeting!

We held our first school council meeting on Friday 23rd September. Everyone had the opportunity to introduce themselves and we had a fruitful discussion about how we can make our school an even better place to be in the near future!

We then drew up a Mission Statement together with our aims for the year!

Click on to the School Councils UK website resource. This gives us some great ideas on how to run our school council to be as effective as possible.