A group of Year 5 children were asked to look at the different articles about the rights of c child an produce a short presentation on an article that they thought was important to them. 


Article 38 – Protection from Sexual Abuse

Whilst reading Oranges in  No Man’s land, the children discussed how Ayesha’s rights of a child would be affected and how. 

RRS Focus Day 

Today Year Five talked about their rights of a child. We looked at the overview for the Year 5 curriculum and talked about what articles we could include in the different topics. The children really enjoyed the input they had into their curriculum map. 

Recently Year Five read Oranges in No Man’s Land and we discussed Article 38 – Protection from War. The children wrote a recount of Ayesha’s experience during the war in Beirut. The children wrote about how Ayesha’s rights of a child were affected during the war. 

Article 38 – Protection from war.

After talking about Article 38 – Protection from War, the children created a piece of art work to promote peace.