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Year 3

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Year 3 class!

Welcome to Year 3 at Faith Primary School. 

Our teacher is Miss Starns and our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Brown.


Have a look at the end of year expectations for Year 3 for reading, writing and maths by following the link below.

Hi Everyone,


Each week I will be uploading the home learning packs that are being sent from school. The children can work through these packs. They can also use the websites and apps previous uploaded (see below ) to continue their home learning.


New packs will be loaded each week until the end of term.


Stay safe everyone smiley

IMPORTANT MESSAGE- If you are not joined to our Class Dojo page could you please join using the print out provided in your child's home learning pack which was sent home with the children before school closures. This is a way for us to keep in touch while working from home and I can let you know of any updates or changes made to the class page for your home schooling. It is also a way for myself to give support with any of the activities or resources added to the page. 


If there are any other parents who you know of that do not have access to this website or Class Dojo could you please pass on this message. Thank you so much and we hope you and the children are all safe and well. laugh

Work to do at home- See links below laugh



Oak National Academy Link below.


Please see the link below to access the online classroom. If you scroll down on the Home screen you will find a link to an 'Information for Parents and Pupils' page. This may be beneficial to help understand how this resource is to be used.


To access the resources please click on the 'Online Classroom' tab found on the Home screen. Next, click on 'Schedule' and then 'Year 3'. Here you will find daily lessons for English, Maths and the Foundation Subjects. It gives 3 hours worth of lessons each day for your child to complete and is in line with the National Curriculum but please be aware that this is a support tool and not to put extra pressure on parents or children. These are to be used as and when needed. Please contact me via Class Dojo if you need any support with these resources. I hope you find them useful.


Myself and Mrs Brown miss the children greatly and hope you are all happy and safe. heart

Please see the link below for a trail run for the IXL website. I have also attached the usernames and passwords below for each child. On here you will find activities for English and Maths that will track your child's progress. There is also a home learning hub available on the website. Unfortunately, it is only a 30 day trial but there is the option to buy into the programme if you feel that your child is benefitting from it. I hope this is useful. yes

IXL Children's Logins

Click on the link below and you will find a reading comprehension for the children to complete. The children should be able to read it themselves and then answers the questions below. If it is a little difficult for your child to read then please read it to them and ask them the questions below the text. Please ask your child to write their answers in full sentences. E.g. Q. What is the name of the dog? A. The name of the dog is Ralph. yes

Reading Comprehension

Click on the link below and you will find some times tables games. On page one you will find a Parent Guide as to how to use this document. The second page gives game ideas to play around the house. From the third page you will find some activities that the children can complete; either by printing out the activities or by writing the answers on a sheet of paper. They might find it enjoyable to copy some of the games on to a blank piece of paper and colour the answers to match questions etc. 

Handy tip: Remember that times tables are just repeated addition so if you get stuck use addition to help you, e.g. 6 x 8= (add 6 eight times or add 8 six times). 

Times Tables Games

Below are some fun ideas for Scavenger Hunts that can be done at home. Draw a picture of what you find. Good luck! laugh

Scavenger Hunts

Please click on the link below- School Closure Interactive Learning Links. You will find activities for all subjects for each day of the week. You may have to create a free login to access these activities.


This does not mean that you have to compete every activity for each subject; it is just ideas for activities to keep your children busy if needed. laugh


Please do not stress about work being completed every day as this is revision work. Stay happy and healthy. yesheart



Below are lots of ideas for websites to use at home for a variety of subjects. Some require a subscription but are mostly free.

Website Ideas

Our Outdoor Learning topic this half term was 'Edible Garden'. We looked at, smelt and tasted a variety of different herbs. Using our senses helped us to describe the herbs in detail. We then dug holes in our class planters and planted the herbs.  


Following on from the herb topic, we made pesto pasta. First we peeled, chopped and mashed garlic cloves. Next, we squeezed the juice from a lemon and added it to our garlic. We then added this mixture, along with a spoonful of pesto, to our cooked pasta. Finally, we tasted it. It was delicious!


We hope you enjoy our pictures below. laugh

Edible Garden Outdoor Learning

Also part of our Outdoor Learning topic 'Edible Garden', we looked at how and where strawberries and tomatoes are grown. We made some observational drawings of the a strawberry and the inside of a tomato and then made strawberry and banana smoothies. We also chopped and tasted the tomatoes. What a fun day!!! laughheart


Due to the wind today we had to do this lesson indoors. 


Check out our smoothie making skills below!  cheeky

Making Strawberry and Banana Smoothies and Tasting Tomatoes

Year 3 visited the ‘Imagine That’ Discovery Centre. We made bath bombs, fridge magnets and slime. We also played in the role play shops. We hope you enjoy our pictures below.

Geography- Somewhere to Settle

This week we have been looking at settlements and what would make a good settlement.


We discussed this and decided that a good settlement would include:

  • flat land for farming,
  • high hills or mountains for protection from the weather or to see oncoming invaders,
  • trees for building materials and also protection from the weather
  • a fresh water supply- river or stream.


We designed our own settlements and labelled these features on our designs. 

We hope you like them. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

Geography- Somewhere to Settle

Martin Luther King Class Assembly

Science Outdoor Learning- Acting Out Shadows

English Outdoor Learning- Post- It Chase

Boarding the Titanic

Space Week- English- Space Bat Angel Dragon Sighting.

English- The Iron Man

Below are some pictures of last years Year 3 class. Please take a look at the exciting activities and lessons they took part in. laugh

Today, we created our very own sedimentary rock.

As part of our English topic we became newspaper reporters for the day

Our new author is Ronald Dahl and we wanted to find out a little about his life. What we found was really interesting.