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Week 6- Aliens

Hello Nursery


We have made it to the last week of half-term! Well done for all of your hard work. Here are some fun activities you an do with your grown-up this week!

Friday 12th February- Story time

10 little planets

Friday 12th February- Art/phonics


Well done Nursery we've made it to the end of a half term learning from home! You've done super learning at home and we are so proud of you all. 


To celebrate why not make and decorate a trumpet today using rolled up card or paper?

You an experiment with the different sounds you can make with your trumpet!

Friday 12th February- End of half term fun!


Can you make some alien juice? 

You can use any fruit or vegetables but here is an example recipe: 

1 banana 

1/2 mango chopped

1/2 squeezed lemon juice

1 litre of water 


Thursday 11th February- Story time

Hallibut Jackson

Thursday 11th February- Phonics 

Good morning Nursery witches and wizards!

We are learning about the phoneme 'p' this week! 


Can you make a 'p' potion?

Can you try to only put things beginning with 'p' in your potion? 

Examples you could use: pasta, pepper, pizza, pineapple, pegs, pens, plants, popcorn, powder, paint 

Thursday 11th February- Physical Development 


Can you learn this space dance?

Wednesday 10th February- Story time


Let's revisit one of our favourite stories about space!  

Baby Brains

Wednesday 10th February- Phonics lesson with Miss Tetley

'P' phonics

Wednesday 10th February- Maths

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer | Songs You Need to sing in the Classroom | Twinkl

Let's get our counting hats on today.

Can you practice counting up to 5 using your fingers and singing along to 5 little men and a flying saucer? 

Tuesday 9th February- Story time

Titus' troublesome tooth

Tuesday 9th February- Physical Development


It's time to go to the space dough disco!

Grab a sponge or some playdough and have some fun! 

'I like to' playdough action song

Tuesday 9th February- Maths 


For todays activity you will need 10 moon rocks and a bucket/box/basket. 


You can make moon rocks by scrunching up tin foil! 

Can you throw and count the moon rocks into your basket/box/bucket? 

Try counting 3, 5 then 10!


Remember you can take photos and post them on Tapestry, we would love to see your fantastic space counting! 

Monday 8th February- Storytime

oh dear!

Monday 8th February- PSED


Can you play where's teddy? 


Can you take it in turns to hide your favourite toy with a grown-up?

You can use anything a doll, teddy, train, batman!

Can you talk about where teddy is? 

Here are some examples below! 

Monday 8th February- Maths


Let's have fun counting today!

Can you pretend you are on a rocket shooting up to space?

Can you practice counting up to 10 and saying blast off at the end?


Anything can be a rocket your bed, the sofa, a park bench!