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Week 4- Aliens

Hello everyone! 


This week we are starting a new topic about aliens!

Below is a grid of fun activities you can do at home with your grown up all about aliens.

Have fun! 

Friday 29th January- Song time

5 little men in a flying saucer

Friday 29th January- Physical Development


Can you build a spaceship? 

Look at the ideas below you can use anything you have in your house? 

Friday 29th January- RE


Take a look at these videos of celebrations around the world and talk about them with your grown-up!

Thursday 28th January- Story time 

Hallibut Jackson

Thursday 28th January- Maths

Let's be shape detectives today!

Can you go on a shape hunt around your house to find square, rectangle, triangle and circle shaped objects?  

Here are some examples of what you may find...

Thursday 28th January- Phonics 


Can you do some rhyming today?

Below is a power point you can complete with your grown up at home.

Can you find the rhyming pairs? 

Wednesday 27th January- Story time

Click clack crocodile's back

Wednesday 27th January- Phonics lesson with Miss Tetley


Wednesday 27th January- Maths


Let's have fun with shapes today!

1. Ask your grown-up to draw 2D shapes (square, circle, rectangle, triangle) onto paper, with chalk outdoors or make shapes with tape! 

2. Throw a ball, beanbag or soft toy at the shapes. 

3. Tell your grown-up which shape it landed on. 

Tuesday 26th January- Story time

The Tiger who came to tea

Tuesday 26th January- English


Our book this week is all about aliens! Aliens come from a different planet and speak a different language.

Can you practice your alien writing today?

Can you write the aliens a message using alien language?

Look at mine below!

Tuesday 26th January- Maths


Can you practice drawing shapes today?

Get your grown up to draw a square, triangle, circle and rectangle on some paper. Then use coloured pens, paint or crayons to draw over the shapes, make the shapes with playdough or with stickers?

Monday 25th January- Storytime

Aliens love underpants

Monday 25th January- English/Art


We are starting a new book this week "Aliens love underpants!" So to start your day why not watch the story using the link below and have a giggle with your grown-up. 

Aliens Love underpants - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Can you design an alien to go along with our story?

Here are some examples you can use below!

Monday 25th January- Maths 


This week we are learning all about shape! Can you have a look at the different shaped aliens below and talk about them with your grown-up? 

Are they round or straight? How many sides/corners do they have? What are their names?