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Week 3- The jungle

Hello everyone, 


This week we are continuing our topic on the jungle. Below is an activity grid with some fun, jungle activities you can do with your child at home this week! 

Friday 22nd January- Song time

5 little elephants

Friday 22nd January- Art


It's time to get creative.

Can you make your handprint into a monkey like the picture below? You can either use paint or draw around your hand and colour it in? 

Friday 22nd January- Physical Development


It's Dough disco time!!

Grab some dough or a sponge and get exercising your fingers!


Dough dance/finger gym routine | Down in the Jungle | Nursery rhyme with playdough

Thursday 21st January- Story time

Giraffes can't dance part 2

Thursday 21st January- Phonics 


How many pictures beginning with 'a' can you spot?

Thursday 21st January- Maths


Let's get counting today... shall we warm up with this jungle counting song!

The Bananas Song | Counting Bananas | Super Simple Songs

Can you practice counting on your stairs today?

Count each step as you walk up and down? 

Wednesday 20th January- Story time

Giraffes can't dance part 1

Wednesday 20th January - Phonics lesson with Miss Tetley

'a' phonics lesson with miss Tetley

Wednesday 20th January- Physical Development 

Let's go for a walk through the jungle today!!

What can you see? Can you make up actions for the animals below? E.g slither on the floor like a snake 

Tuesday 19th January- story time

Giraffe is lost

Tuesday 19th January- English Activity 

Can you help me make some rhyming soup?

Can you choose 3 more ingredients to go in my soup that rhyme with cat?

(you can talk to your grown-up about this or draw them!)

Tuesday 19th January- Maths Activity 

Can you count the jungle animals in the pictures below?

Monday 18th January- Story time

Quiet time

Monday 18th January- English 

We read monkey puzzle last week!

Can you remember some of the rhyming words in the story?

We love rhyming in Nursery below are some of our favourite Nursery rhymes that you can practice with your grown ups at home!

Incy Wincy Spider | Itsy Bitsy Spider | Plus Lots More Popular Nursery Rhymes By Hooplakidz TV

Can you match the rhyming pictures? 

Monday 18th January- Understanding of the World

Can you talk about these animals? 

1. Which ones have legs and which ones have no legs?

2. Which ones have fur and which ones have no fur?

3. Which ones have stripes, which ones have spots and which have no pattern?