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Summer Term Week 1

Friday 24th April

Today all you need is two eggs, 2 glasses, water and some salt. Watch the video below and take part in the fun experiment

Salt Water Egg Experiment

Thursday 23rd April

Let's have some fun with water. Below are 5 simple experiments/tricks that you can do at home to find out how cool water really is.

5 Amazing Science Tricks with Water To Do At Home | Kids Science

Wednesday 22nd April

It's exepriment time. Grab yourself some raisins, soda water and a glass and watch the magic

Dancing Raisins Experiment

Tuesday 21st April

A cool song all about floating and sinking :) 

Monday 20th April

Today is all about sinking and floating. Get your self a bowl and fill it up with some water - you can get an adult to help you. You can even use the bath is you like :) Go around your house or outside and find 10 intersting items. I want you to decide if you think they will sink or float? Then test your items to see if you were correct :) Take a picture of your experiement and send it me on class dojo or Tapestry.

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