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Summer Term Week 1

Friday 24th April

Finishing the week with some numberblocks and the number 5! Can you make your own numberblocks to help you count to five? Use your number stones to help you count along with the numberblocks

Numberblocks - The Number 5 | Learn to Count | Learning Blocks

Thursday 23rd April

Put your number skills to the test with this counting game below. Can you count how many objects are in each slide? Get a grown up to help keep score and write your answers in the yellow workbook.

Wednesday 22nd April

Today is all about the number 5! Enjoy the fun video below exploring the super number 5. How many number 5's can you spot today?

Number 5

Tuesday 21st April

Using your stones that you made yesterday, can you count the fish and match the correct stone to how many there are? Use the video below to play the game. 

Monday 20th April

Today we are going to make some of our own maths resources. You will need to find 10 small stones/rocks. Once you have found your stones/rocks chose what you would like to use to decorate. You can use paints, chalk, pens, glitter.... Give each stone/rock a number from 1-10 making sure each one has a different number. Once you have finished place your rocks in order to make a number line. Take a picture and send it to me on Class Dojo or Tapestry :)

Picture 1