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Summer Term Week 1

Friday 24th April

To accompany our book today 'Baby Brains' let's get creative with kitchen roll and toilet rolls and turn them into rockets :) What colours will you use? Will you put any shapes on? 

Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to The Moon Song

Thursday 23rd April

A firm favourite at Faith Primary is the dinosaur song (I have attached the song below) grab your dinosaurs or other animal figures you may have, some paper and some pens. Get outside and line them up on the paper and use their shadows to create some super art :)

The Dinosaurs Song

Wednesday 22nd April

To go along with our story of the day, 'The very selfish crocodile' let's make our own snappy friends. You will need an egg box, some green paints or colours, some paper to make feet and a tail and some glue stick the body parts on. 

Tuesday 21st April

To accompany our song for the day 'A hole in the bottom of the sea' lets get creative with cups :) I want to see you make a jelly fish using a paper cup/plate or paper to desgin your own jellyfish. Remember to share your work.

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Monday 20th April

Let's get creative!! Using paints or chalks create your own handprint crab! Paint or cover your hands in paint or chalk and get your grown up to help you press your hands down on paper like the photo below. If you don't have paints or chalks your can draw around your hands and colour them in! When your crab is dry, decorate the sea floor or cut it out and dance along to 'Under the Sea' in the video below. Happy crafting! 

Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid)