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Summer Term Week 1

Friday 24th April

A super story for today :) 'Baby Brains' goes to outter space! What is your favourite part of the story? Can you remember what happened in the beginning? 

Simon James - Baby Brains UK Version

Thursday 23rd April

Today is all about DINOSAURS!!!! Listen and watch the story below, can you draw and desgin your own dinosaur? What would you call them? What would they eat? What would their favourite game be? Get a grown up to help you record your answers in your yellow workbook.

If I Had a Dinosaur

Wednesday 22nd April

Todays story is all about a very selfish crocodile, enjoy the story below :) Can you list all of the animals in the story? Ask a grown to help you write a list. Can you copy some of the animlas names in your yellow workbook?

The Selfish Crocodile By Faustin Charles Illustrated By Michael Terry

Tuesday 21st April

Let's test your memory of our story 'Sharing a Shell'. You will need a grown up for this activity. Can you work together to fill in the book review? Remmebr to take a picture of what you have done and send it me on Class Dojo or Tapestry.

Monday 20th April

Today's story is a wonderful rhyming treat! Watch 'Sharing a Shell' in the video below and then print off (or look at on the screen) the story sequencing cards. Can you put them in order? Can you remember what happened in each picture card and tell your grown ups about it?

Sharing a shell by julia donaldson

sharing a shell by Julia Donaldson illustrated by Lydia Monks.