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Week 2- The Jungle

Hello everyone! 


This week we are learning all about the jungle! Here is an activity grid with some fun activities for you to choose from and do at home at your own pace. 

Friday 15th January- Song time

5 Little monkeys

Friday 15th January- Physical Activity 

It's Friday so let's get moving! Time to have some fun together. Put on your favourite music and dance around the house. Show us your best moves!

Friday 15th January- Mark-making

Let's have fun writing our names today!

Grab a few of your favourite coloured pens, pencils, crayons, chalks or paints and get your grown up to write your name on some paper.

Use your colours to trace over your name. 

Thursday 14th January- Storytime 

Mrs Zebra

Thursday 14th January- Phonics Activity 

I've been busy making silly soup this morning and all of my ingredients begin with this week's phoneme/sound 's.' 

Can you have a go now?

You will need....

1. a bowl

2. a spoon

3. some ingredients beginning with s

Thursday 14th January- Maths

Can you get your grown-up at home to write numbers 1-5 on pieces of paper?

You can make them into jungle leaves if you would like.

Can you put the leaves in order now?

Can you play leaf hop?

Hop along your leaves shouting out the numbers as you land on them! 

Wednesday 13th January - Storytime 

Its mine

Wednesday 13th January- Phonics Lesson 

Phonics Lesson with Miss Tetley- 'S'

Can you practice writing our 's' phoneme? 


You can use pens, crayons, paint, chalk, or you could get messy and use your finger to write s in shaving foam, flour or salt! 

Wednesday 13th January- Maths Activity 

Five Little Speckled Frogs | Nursery Rhymes | from LittleBabyBum!

Let's get our counting hat on again! For today's activity you will need...

5 socks 

A selection of small objects

(crayons, cars, pasta, bouncy balls, marbles, anything small in your house!) 

Ask your grown up to fill each sock with a different amount of your chosen object 1-5:

1. Can you feel each sock first and guess how many are in the sock?

2. Can you count the objects out of the sock and place them in a line?


Remember you can take photographs and upload them to Tapestry or send them to Miss Tetley! We would love to see your fantastic counting!

Tuesday 12th January- Storytime

Dear zoo

Tuesday 12th January - Understanding of the World 

In our story from yesterday the butterfly was trying to find the monkey's mummy. 

Can you match these baby animals with their adult?

Tuesday 12th January- Fine motor activity 

It's dough disco time! 

Let's warm up our fingers first.

Can you get yourself a little ball of dough and a small bit of sponge?


Can you.....

1. Squash           2. Splat         3. Squeeze

        4. Prod                  5. Pinch

Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

Time to go to the Dough Disco!

Can you watch this video and copy the actions with your dough or sponge?


Remember you can take photographs and upload them to Tapestry.

I'd love to see you having fun at the dough disco. 

Monday 11th January- This week's focus book Monkey Puzzle Storytime with Miss Tetley

Monkey Puzzle

Monday 11th January- Reading and writing 

Happy Monday!!

Can you listen to the story Monkey puzzle using the link below?

How would you feel if you lost your grown up! Give them a big hug! 


Can you draw a picture of you and your grown up? 


MONKEY PUZZLE Story Time for kids live pictures in my book STORIES AND TALES

Monday 11th January- Maths 


Let's get counting!

Can you sing along to this Nursery rhyme at home with your grown up?

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

Can you do some counting with objects now?

For this activity you will need a piece of paper and an object to count with e.g pasta, buttons, grapes, beads, anything you can find in the house! 


Ask your grown up to draw a grid on your paper and write numbers 1-5 on the grid.

Now can you count out the correct amount of your chosen object to match the numbers?