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Week 1- Jack and the Beanstalk

Welcome back after Half Term!! 


We are starting a new topic this half term all about one of our favourite stories in Nursery. Here are some activities you an try with your grown-up at home this week based around our new story. 

Friday 26th February- Song time

10 little planets

Friday 25th February- RE


Can you draw a picture of something fun you've done with your family this week? 

Friday 26th February- Art 


Can you draw or paint a picture of Jack's magic beans?

Thursday 25th February- Story time

Six Dinner Sid

Thursday 25th February- EAD


Can you build the giants castle? 

You can use....

Thursday 25th February- Phonics


Can you draw a picture of the things you heard on your listening walk?

Wednesday 24th February- story time


Let's revisit one of our favourite stories all about chocolate today!


Wednesday 24th February- Maths 


Can you use the "Where is the puppy?" power-point below to practice using positional language?

e.g under, on top, in, next to

Wednesday 24th February - Phonics 

Can you go on a listening walk around your house or outside? Talk about what you hear!


Tuesday 23rd February- English and Storytime


We are starting a new book today "Jack and the beanstalk" You can watch this story using the link below. 

Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale by Oxbridge Baby

Tuesday 23rd February - Maths 


Can you play hide and seek?

Can you talk about the places you hide using positional language e.g under, on, in, on top. 

Monday 22nd February - Storytime

10 minutes to bed

Monday 22nd February- English


We are starting a new book this half term.

Below are some clues can you guess what story it is? 

Can you draw what you would like to find at the top of a magic beanstalk? 

Monday 22nd February- Physical Development


It's the first day back so let's get exercising our fingers and get down to the dough disco. Grab a sponge or some playdough and have some fun!

Dough Disco Nursery Rhyme - The Muffin Man