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Wc 25.05.20

Learning Focus 1

Counting on and back from any number to 20

This a good skill to help with number recognition and counting skills*


Counting forwards and backwards game: 

  • Make a number line to 20, so it is easily accessible
  • Next, make a set of number card 0-20. To make these just write the numbers 0- 20 on a piece of paper and cut them up into cards
  • Have an adult shuffle the cards and let you pick one at random
  • Look at what number you have picked, can you say what the number is? Point to it on the number line.
  • Can you count back from this number to 0? Can you count on from this number to 20? Practise this a few times picking different numbers at random.


*REMEMBER: you can always adapt this activity. If your child is finding it too difficult focus on the numbers to ten, use online songs to help with counting backwards and always take your time. Alternatively if your child is finding the activity easy you can move onto higher numbers!
Every child learns at a different rate, it is important to work at their pace. 


Learning Focus 2:

Taking Away 


This can be really tricky so learning slowly is the best option don't try to rush and take small steps. Practising this all the time, using the examples below is the best way to learn!


Just like when we were practising addition, you can use these games to help practise this skill. 


  • GAME: I count, you count- 

Begin by counting backwards as you point to yourself. When you point to your child they continue the count, until you point to yourself again. Use the examples below to help. You can start at any number you like!


8,7,       6, 5,      4, 3,     2, 1, 0
18, 17, 16,     15, 14, 13     12, 11,      10

20, 19, 18, 17,        16, 15, 14, 13,       12,11       10


  • Simple maths stories: use first, then, now to tell simple stories to practise taking away in real life contexts. You can do these while shopping or doing your daily exercise outside, you can also use toys or small world people to visually show your stories.

E.g. First there were 5 people on the bus. Then 2 people got off the bus. Now there are 3 people on the bus.