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Wc 20.04.20

Learning Focus 1:

Estimate a set of objects saying whether there are more or less than a given number.

Have a grown up place some objects in front of you but not to tell you how many are there. Now we are going to estimate how many objects are there. Remember an estimate is a clever guess! Once you have made your estimation, guess if there are more or less than 20 objects. Count the objects to check if you were correct! You can repeat this activity many times using different objects and different amounts, in different place with different people. 


Learning Focus 2: 

Identifying and ordering the numbers 1-20.

First let’s make a number line to 20 that we can move the numbers on! Here is a picture to help you.

Practise putting the numbers in order, saying each one as you point to it.


Learning Focus 3:

Create simple patterns using everyday objects.

Create patterns using colours or objects in your house, you could even make patterns using things you find while completing your daily exercise outside.