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W/C 1st June

With regards to the work above, go through the ppt presentation and then complete the 'activity sheet The dramatic dash'. This activity sheet has stars in the top left corner. Red group complete the sheet with 1 star, Blue and Gold complete the sheet with 2 stars and Green complete the sheet with 3 stars. Finally complete the 'Application Activity'.

Click on the following link: 

Watch the video and complete the quiz with your child. Then sort the rainforest fact and opinion cards into two piles of Fact and Opinion.

Use a dictionary to help you correct the spellings if you need to. If you can edit them independently, do so. 


Complete 2 sheets minimum.


Find 3 tricky spellings and put them into a sentence containing a dash.

At the bottom of the activity sheet there are purple stars. 

Red group - complete 1 star

Blue and Gold group- complete 2 star

Green group- complete 3 star

Friday- English Writing Task