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Wc 18.05.20

Learning Focus 1:

Counting to 100!

  • Paint the SquaresUse the hundered square to think about the numbers to 100. Look at the tens numbers, can you recognise each one? This will help you when you are counting. Recognise the patterns in counting, can these help you remember what comes next?

  • Go on a counting walk- walk 100 steps and see where it takes you around the house, remember to count each step!
  • Count out 100 of something such as Lego pieces or counters pieces of pasta/ rice, or any other items you have a lot of
  • Counting to 100 song- listen and count along
  • Number Blocks Counting up to 99- What comes next?

  • Number Blocks 100 Song


Learning Focus 2: 

Adding on from another number

Addition is a super important skill and can be learnt and practised in so many different ways!


Mr Gumpy's Outing


  • Using boat and characters from creative arts project, count how many people come onto the boat as you tell the story? How many characters are in the boat altogether?
  • Explore around these numbers by adding on more characters or taking some characters away, how many are left? how can you work out the answers? 
  • REMEMBER: write or say your numbers sentences 


Learning Focus 3:

Taking Away 


This can be really tricky so learning slowly is the best option don't try to rush and take small steps. Practising this all the time, using the examples below is the best way to learn!


Counting Backwards: 

This skill is a basic step in the learning journey towards taking away. 

Sing the song below to help you remember. 

You can pretend you are a rocket counting down to BLAST OFF! 


Other ways to practise taking away using counting: 


Everyday taking away- when you are eating a meal, discuss how many pieces of food are left as you eat items
e.g. you have 5 carrots left, if you eat one more how many will you have left then? Answer: 4

Use any items in your house- count how many you have, ask an adult to take some away, count how many you have left


REMEMBER: to always say or even write down the number sentences linked to our activities e.g. in the carrots example the number sentence would be 5-1= 4


Using a number line or a number track from previous weeks to practise answering these take away questions by counting backwards from the original number. Write out the questions, work out the answers and then write in the answers into your number sentence.