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Wc 15.06.20

Learning Focus 1:

Counting to 100 in 10s

  • Count to 100 using your fingers, each time we reach ten fingers wiggle all your fingers before putting them all down and continue counting until you reach 100. How many times did you wiggle your fingers? It was 10 times. So how many tens are in 100? The answer is 10.
  • Now make a 100 square. you can make it really big or just small on a piece of paper, or you can use the online one below.
  • Start by colouring all the multiples of 10 in blue (or any colour you want). REMEMBER: multiples of 10 end in a 0
  • ASK: How many numbers did you colour in? The answer is 10 so we know that there are 10 multiples of 10 in the number 100.
  • You can now practise counting in tens.
  • REMEMBER: to emphasise the ty when counting in tens this will help you to distinguish the multiples of 10 from teen numbers e.g. thirty and thirteen.

Keep practising counting to 100 and using the song and Numberblocks videos to help you!


Learning Focus 2: 


  • Explain: double means twice as many and use this language when exploring the concept. 

  • Explore: doubling through adding two groups of the same amount of objects together and seeing how many there are altogether. Explain your finding through a sentences such as "altogether we have 6, 3+3=6, so double of 3 is 6, twice of 3 is 6" 


Dice Roll-

  • Take turns rolling two dice together.
  • You get a point every time you roll a double.
  • If you do roll a double work out how many dots their are altogether and repeat the sentences as in previous task. 
  • Remember to keep a tally of how many points everyone has. 


Learning Focus 3:

Taking Away 


This can be really tricky so learning slowly is the best option don't try to rush and take small steps. Practising this all the time, using the examples below is the best way to learn!


Counting Backwards: 

This skill is a basic step in the learning journey towards taking away. 

Sing the song below to help you remember. 

You can pretend you are a rocket counting down to BLAST OFF! 

Count Down From 20 to 1



Listen and sing along with the songs to help with counting backwards and taking away.


Ten Green Bottles 

Five Currant Buns In A Baker's Shop 

Five Little Speckled Frogs 



GAME: Hidden Items!


  • Count out 5 cubes. Ask your child to check how many there are and ensure they know and can remember. 
  • Cover the cubes with a cloth, check that your child remembers how many there are. 
  • Take away some cubes counting them as you take them. 
  • Ask: how many cubes are there now? 
  • Repeat: with other amounts of cubes.
  • REMEMBER: to ask how your child worked out the answer, and say and write the number sentence to match your activity.