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Wc 11.05.20

Learning Focus 1:

Counting to 20/ Recognising the teen numbers

Listen to counting songs, it is important to always keep practising!


  • Practise saying the numbers 0-20 in order. Focus on 13 and 15 as these can be tricky to remember.
  • Look at the teen numbers on flashcards or in pictures and make sure your child can recognise them. 
  • Use previously made or make flashcards to practise ordering the numbers 0-20.
  • Numbers to 20 GamePlay this online game to practise ordering and recognising the numbers 1-20


Learning Focus 2: 

Adding more!

Addition is a super important skill and can be learnt and practised in so many different ways!


  • Using any objects in your house you can practise addition. gather objects and count them in different small groups. Start putting the groups together, identifying how many objects there are in each group and how many all together. Make sure you say the number sentences too e.g. 2+3=5


  • GAME: I count, you count- 

Begin by counting as you point to yourself. When you point to your child they continue the count, until you point to yourself again. Use the examples below to help. You can start at any number you like!


1,2,       3, 4,      5, 6,     7, 8
1, 2, 3,     4, 5, 6     7, 8, 9,      10

11, 12, 13, 14,        15, 16, 17, 18,         19,       20


  • Simple maths stories: use first, then, now to tell simple stories to practise adding more in real life contexts. You can do these while shopping or doing your daily exercise outside, you can also use toys or small world people to visually show your stories.

E.g. First there were 2 people on the bus. Then 2 more people got on the bus. Now there are 4 people on the bus.


  • Number track jumping- draw two number tracks like the examples below or you can make them inside.

Take turns picking numbers cards (1-3), or rolling a 1-3 dice. The number you get is how many places you move like in a board game. Jump along your number track ad the winner is the first person to reach number 20.

Ask your child to identify the number they were on, and the one they are on now. Practise saying the number sentences related to the moves you make. See example below. 


Example: your child is on number 5 on their number track, they pick the number 2 flashcard, they move two places along (counting as they jump). the number sentence for this move would be 5+2=7.