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Wc 04.05.20

Learning Focus 1:

Representing numbers to 20.

Create a number line (use the picture below to inspire you).

Once your number line is complete, use objects you find around your house, in your garden, on your daily walk to represent each of these numbers, making sure you count them correctly.

Once you have done this send Miss Reilly a picture on the Dojo messages so she can see. 


Learning Focus 2: 

Making more complex patterns.

Making more complex patterns involves using more than two objects, colours or parts in your pattern. There are so many different way to explore this and have fun with it. 


1. Play the circle game duck, duck, goose. Recgnise the pattern and see if your can draw it. 


2. Sing We Will Rock You by Queen.  Recognise the stamp stamp stamp rhythm pattern. 


3. Listen to and enjoy this song.


4. Play Repeating Claps: someone makes a simple short pattern using body percussion (clapping, tapping knees, clicking etc.) The others in the group copy that pattern. Take turns making your own patterns. 


5. Instruments: if you have instruments in your house you can play the above game with them, or practise making patterns with them.


Game to Play: