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Please see our 'curriculum overview' to understand which topic we are learning at what point of the academic year and what our topic is about. 

In Geography we are learning about 'Our Local Area'. 


We received a very important letter from Miss Williams asking us to help guide a new visitor to our classroom using maps and directions. 


We worked in groups to create maps and write symbols and directions to our classroom and Miss Grogan has sent our maps off to the special visitor so that he can find us! 

Our School Map

Our Local Area Vocabulary

A trip to look at homes around our local area

In Science we have been looking at our bodies and how they grow and change. We explored body parts and our 5 senses. 

My Body- Growth and Change

We have also been looking at animals. We identified and sorted carnivores, omnivores and herbivores and also classified different types of animals such as amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals and insects.
In History we have been looking at old toys, in particular Victorian toys. We have been researching these together and have been comparing them to our toys today. 
In Art, we have been drawing portraits. We had a look at Picasso's work and how he uses abstract features. We added these to our portraits. We also added a rainbow with coloured salt drops to show that we are all different and special, just like Elmer the elephant in our text.