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Summer Term Week 5

Friday 22nd May 

Today I am introducing 2 new 'red words' just like yesterday get a grown up to say the words for you and repeat them back. Get your grown up to write them down and hide them in your garden and around your house and go on a 'red word' hunt. REMEMBER YOU CAN'T SOUND OUT RED WORDS YOU JUST HAVE TO LEARN THEM. 

Picture 1

Thursday 21st May 

Today I am introducing you to 'red words' these are words that we cannot sound out we just have to remember them. Today's 'red word' is I. Get a grown up to read the word to you. Using post it notes or paper, get a grown up to write the red word on them and hide them around the house or garden. Go on a hunt to find them all, when you find them you must shout out the word I. Have a go at writing the word in your yellow workbook. 

Picture 1

Wednesday 20th March 

I have attached some links to some really fun phonics games for you to have a go at. Practice your writing, reading and matching of sounds :)

Tuesday 19th May

Using your phonics skills have a go at reading the green words bellow. Remember to sound out each sound with a sound button and then blend them together to make the word.

Green words

Green words  1
Green words  2

Monday 18th May

SOUND CHECK! How many of our sounds can you read now? Go through them and see if you can name something that starts with each sound you can read. Can you find physical objects in your house that start with the sounds as well? Use your yellow workbook to have a go at writing some of the sounds you know as well. 

Picture 1