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Summer Term Week 5

Friday 22nd May 

Get those listening ears ready for this fun 'Simon Says' game. 

Simon Says | Kids Exercise Song | Fun Dance Song for Kids | Parts of the Body Song | Time 4 Kids TV

Thursday 21st May

Let's test our memory. Have a look at the picture below and see if you can name all the items. Once you have done that cover up the items for 30 seconds and see if you can remember the items that were in the picture. Check to see how many you have remembered. Get a grown up then to cover one of the items in the picture when you are not looking. Can you identify the item that has gone? 

Wednesday 20th May 

Today I have attached some links to some engaging and fun websites to help improve your phase 1 phonics skills. 

Tuesday 19th May

Let's play I Spy. You may need to pause the video between each sound to give yourself time to look at the pictures and identify the correct one. 

I spy game

Monday 18th May 

It's noisy neighbour time! Get those listening ears at the ready! Can you identify the environmental sounds?

Home Stuff Sounds For Kids