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Summer Term Week 5

Friday 22nd May 

Play the video and pause when you see the monkey, can you say where the monkey is? Can you say your answer in a full sentence?

Where's the Monkey?

Thursday 21st May

Today we are looking at prepositions. Listen to the song and then see if you can describe where Humpty Dumpty is standing. Is he front of the wall? Next to the wall? Beside the wall? Try and answer in a full sentence.

Humpty Dumpty is........the wall. 

Picture 1

The Prepositions Song | English Songs | Scratch Garden

Wednesday 20th May

Try putting your skills to the test in this fun comparing game. Just click the web link below the picture.

Picture 1

Tuesday 19th May

Today is all about sort and long. Listen to the song and then look at the pictures below. Can you say which is the shortest and longest?

Short Long Song

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Monday 18th May

Today we are still working with our number 1-10. Can you help give teddy the correct number of items? Click the weblink below to play. Join in with the fun counting song as well :)

Picture 1

Counting 1-10 Song | Number Songs for Children | The Singing Walrus