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Summer Term Week 4

Friday 15th June 

Last story of the week is a sweet one read aloud by a little boy with super reading skills :)

❤️ Say Hello To The Baby Animals ! ❤️ Bedtime Stories ❤️ Children's Books Read Aloud ❤️

Wednesday 13th May 

Todays story is all about pets. Do you have any pets at home? What are their names? What type of animal are they? Use your yellow workbook to have a go at writing your pets/dream pets name and drawing a picture to acompany it. 

Some Pets | Read Aloud Story for Kids

Tuesday 12th May 

Listen to the information book all about farm animal babies. Which was your favourite animal? Can you tell a person in your household what was teh most intersting fact that you learnt about them from the book? 


Monday 11th May 

To coinside with our Understanding the world topic, todays book is all about baby animals 

Pete the Kitty and Baby Animals (Pete the Cat) - Children's Book Read Along