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Summer Term 2 Week 2

Friday 12th June

Let's finish the week with something super fun! Try making your own sand! You only need ingredients and you can use it to make sandcastles and sand structures. 

DIY Moon Sand

Thurday 11th June

Watch the video below on how to make some super icelollies. Can you make a list of the ingredients used in them? Can you draw a picture to go with each ingredient?

10 Popsicle Recipes | Just 2 Ingredients

Wednesday 10th June

With summer here it is important that we look after our skin. Here is a video about WHY we need to wear suncream.

Why do we have to wear sunscreen? - Kevin P. Boyd

Tuesday 9th June 

Take a walk and see if you can complete this Summer scavenger hunt?

Monday 8th June

This week we will be looking at SUMMER join in with the cool summer song and maybe try out some of the cool outdoor experiments in the video below and share what you get up to on twitter, class dojo or Tapestry. 

5 Easy Summer Activities for Kids | Outdoor Science

Summer Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus