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Summer Term 2 Week 2

Friday 12th June

Looking at the picture below, use your counting skills to tell me how many....

pink monsters?

orange monsters?

yellow monsters?

blue monsters?

grey monsters?

you can see :) Try writing the number done to keep a record. Which coloured monster appears the most? least?


Picture 1

Thursday 11th June

Can you write the numbers in order from 1-10? Use your yellow workbook to have a go at writing your numbers and see if you can draw some monsters to go with them.

Picture 1

Wednesday 10th June

Today is all about repeated patterns. Can you help the monsters identify the matching patterns?

Monsters | Monster Treat Trouble | Learn Math for Kids | Cartoons for Kids

Tuesday 8th June

How many monsters can you see? Get those counting fingers ready and see if you can write your answer down.

Picture 1

Monday 8th June

Get your monster counting hat on with this counting sheet atatched below. If you hevent got a printer then look at the sheet on a screen and count that way :) 

Picture 1