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Summer Term 2 Week 1

Friday 5th June

It's dough disco time so grab your sponges or your playdough and get those fingers moving.

Dough Disco Nursery Rhyme - The Muffin Man

Thursday 4th June

Can you use your listening ears to identify what animal is making each sound?

Guess the Animal Sound Game | Animal Sounds Quiz

Wednesday 3rd June 

Today let's have a go at rhyming. Watch the video and get a grown up to pause it in the correct place. Can you identify if the words rhyme? Keep a tally of how many you get right.

Simple rhyming words

Tuesday 2nd June

For todays challenge, see if you can clap along to the beat. If you have any instruments at home see if you can use them in time with the beat as well. 

Clap Along 1 | Interactive Song | Green Bean's Music

Monday 1st June

Watch the funny rhyming story below and see how many of the rhyming strings you can remember. Get a grown up to help you write them down in your yellow workbooks. 

Rhyming Dust Bunnies Read Aloud with AHEV Library