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Summer Term 2 Week 1

Friday 5th June

Today's story is about Pony and his Dad brushing their teeth. Can you remember the sequence in which we brush our teeth? Can you have a go at telling a member our your household how you do it?

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Pony Brushes His Teeth | Read Along | Children's Book | Story Book | Kid Books |

Thursday 4th June

Today's story is Oliver's fruit salad. What is your favourite fruit? Do you grow any fruit or vegtables in your garden?

Oliver's Fruit Salad | A Read Aloud Storybook For Kids About Healthy Eating

Wednesday 3rd June

Today we have a great story all about food! Is there a food that you don't like? 

Read Aloud - Eat Your Peas - Children's Book - by Kes Gray

Tuesday 2nd June

Refresh yourself by listening to the story of Handa's Surprise again. Then download teh book review page and tell me all about your favourite parts of the story :) You can write simple words or fraw pictures. If you cant download the document then you can use a plain piece of paper and decorate it yourself. 

Picture 1

Monday 1st June 

Today's story is the wonderful Handa's Surprise. Can you name all of the fruits in the story? Can you remember which animal took which fruit? What fruit would you put in your fruit bowl?

HANDA'S SURPRISE Picture Book Animation