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Summer Term 2 Week 1

Friday 5th June

Join in with this fun counting video and see if you can count all of the crocodiles teeth!

Count My Teeth | Counting Video

Thursday 4th June

A shape challenge for you today. Can you count how many different shapes you can see in the picture? How many differentc olours can you see as well? 

Wednesday 3rd June

A fruity maths challenge for you today. Look at the picture below. Can you tell me how many...



Dragon Fruits?





You can see in the picture? Have a go at writing the numbers down. Remember to use your finger to help point at the fruit that you are counting. 

Tuesday 2nd June

Can you fill in the missing numbers on the Handa's Surprise numberline? Download the document and have a go. If you cannot download the documnet then look at the picture below and say the missing numbers instead.

Monday 1st June

Let's cool down in this hot weather with some fun counting and simple addition in this fun video below. Count along and see if you can use your yellow workbook to mark down any of the number you hear or see.

Blippi Visits an Ice Cream Truck | Math and Simple Addition for Children