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Summer Term 2 Week 1

Friday 5th June

It is important that not only do we keep our body healthy but we have to keep our mouth and teeth healthy too. Brushing your teeth is VERY important. Join in with Duggee and the gang and brush your teeth for 2 minuites! 

The Tooth Brushing Song - The Tooth Brushing Badge - Hey Duggee Series 3 - Hey Duggee

Thursday 4th June

It's important as well as eating a healthy and balanced diet that we get our bodies moving as well. Join in with PE with Joe and get that heart rate going.

PE With Joe

Wednesday 3rd June

Today is about making healthy choice. Click on the link that will take you to a fun lunchbox game where you have to make the right choices to fill up the lunchbox. Make sure it is full of healthy food :)

Tuesday 2nd June

We all know that eating fruit and vegtables keep us fit and healthy, but do you eat 5 different fruits and vegtables a day? What counts as 1 portion? Work your way through the Powerpoint below and see how many of your favourites are on the list.

Monday 1st June

This week is all about keeping ourselves fit and healthy! Starting with the food we put in our bodies. Can you make a list or draw pictures of the healthy food mentioned in the video below? 

Healthy Food Vs Junk Food Song!