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Spiritual Life of Faith School

Our Vision-Spiritual Life of school

Our mission statement is “Loving and Learning in the Light of the Lord”.

Here at Faith, we aim to promote and live out our core Christian values: Love, Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship and Respect. We reflect on these values in Collective Worship, during RE lessons and by immersing ourselves in Bible stories during whole school events. Our Christian values are at the heart of our school, enabling everyone here to understand themselves, to learn to reflect on experiences and to know how to treat others. We aspire to enable the whole school community to live by these values in order to live like Jesus.



Religious Education

As we are a joint Church of England and Catholic school, we teach Religious Education through an amended version of the 'Come and See' curriculum. The Come and See programme gives children the chance to explore, learn about, learn from and reflect upon what it is to be human and live as God wants us to. Religious Education is a core subject and is central to the life of our school. Central to the programme are three basic questions and the three Christian beliefs:

  • Where do I come from? Life-Creation
  • Who am I? Dignity-Incarnation
  • Why am I here? Purpose-Redemption


Each topic follows the same process:


Search-Explore (Week 1)

This week, the children's life experiences are explored. They are encouraged to share, wonder about and reflect upon the significance of these experiences.


Revelation-Reveal (Week 2 and 3)

This section of the topic develops the children’s understanding of Christian faith. This is done through engaging with scripture, learning about tradition and prayer and looking at how this shapes Christian living.


Response-Respond (Week 4)

The final week of the topic is when the children’s learning is remembered, celebrated and responded to in daily life.

Come and See Overview

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