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Spring 1 - Living things and their habitats (Plants) 

Working scientifically

During this term, we had a fantastic morning working scientifically supported by AbsChem at LJMU. The children had a great time investigation the PH of different liquids. 

Autumn Term 2 

This term Year 5 learnt about Earth and Space.

Year Five enjoyed their trip to the planeterium, sharing and learning facts about Earth and Space. 

Year Five developed scientific enquiry questions that matched statements about Space. 

In this lesson, the children created a scaled solare system using spherical representations. 

Using our outdoor spaces, the children worked in groups to explain how planets move in our Solar System. 

This lesson was all about explaining day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. 

The children used some of their art skills in this lesson to explain the movement of the sun using chalk and black card.