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Relaxation Time

Relaxation Time is an activity we did every day in class. After lunch, the children would have 15 minutes of calming time to make sure they were ready to learn again. This included yoga, mediation and massage. Below are some of the resources we used in class to help with these sessions. These types of activities can be really beneficial for the children to help with controlling their emotions and energy. It can also be a great bonding experience. 



Yoga 1



The children have done these positions in school and should be familiar with them. Follow the steps and enjoying the time you are spending together smiley


Step 1: Play some calming music quietly to ensure you are ready. 


Step 2: Ask your partner if they would like a massage. It is always best to ask someone before you start touching them. 


Step 3: Start with Holding. Gently hold your partners head, neck, shoulders, arms and back. Repeat a few times. Swap partners for each massage movement. 


Step 4: Next, Stroking. Stroke slowly and gently down, starting at your partners head, covering their neck, shoulders, arms and back.


Step 5: Next, Rubbing. In class we called with washing tiny windows. Make gentle small circles all over your partners back, apply a little pressure. 


Step 6: Then, Tabla. Using all your fingers lightly tap quickly all over your partners back and shoulders. 


Step 7: Finally, thank your partner for your lovely massage. 


I hope you enjoy.