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Friday 27th March

Let's round off the week with another brilliant listening game, remember to keep a tally of your score. 

Listening Game 3 - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills

Thursday 26th March 

Let's have a go at using your rhyming skills in this fun game. Use the Powerpoint below. 

Wednesday 25th March 

Pass the beat around

Use your body to make a beat, it could be patting your knees, clapping yours hands, stompping your feet ....

Working with a partner copy the beat and pass it back and forth. Can you put sound effects to your beats? 

Tuesday 24th March

Today is all about environmental sounds. Play the listening game below. How can sounds can you recognise? Get your grown up to make a tally of how many you can name. Can you make your own environmental sounds from things around the house? Send me a picture on class dojo of what you use :)