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This work is for the children in Miss Reilly's phonics group. The work will be updated each week to continue your child's learning. 

Phonics Sounds

These are the sounds your child has learnt in school and during home learning. Please create flashcards to practise all the sounds. 

These can be made simply using paper and pens, they don't need to be anything fancy.

Every day, flash the sounds quickly and ask your child to identify each sound as they see them. 

We have now re-capped all the sounds we learnt in school, and this week is the last week of new sounds. Keep re-capping all the sounds in Set 1 and 2 as much as you can, through reading and sound recognition. 

Things to remember: 


When writing sentences:

  • always have a capital letter at the start of your sentence, a full stop at the end and finger spaces between the words in your sentence
  • sound out each word using your robot arms
  • count out the words in each sentence using your sentence fingers (this helps you make sure you have all the words you need in your sentence)


Below are the tricky words you know already. Write these out and display them somewhere in your house so you can use them when writing your sentences. 

Weekly Work:

Week commencing 6th July 2020


We are now re-capping the sounds called digraphs that we have learnt so far. These are two letters together that create one sound. It is important to remember these when writing words and sentences.


Day 1: ee (what can you see?)
Day 2: igh (fly high)
Day 3: ow (blow the snow)
Day 4: oo (poo at the zoo)
Day 5: Tricky Words (they, all)


Each day follow this plan to re-cap all the known sounds, remember ‘todays’ sound and read and write words and sentences. You can then play one of the game below to finish your lesson.

Lesson Plan:

  • Speedy Sounds- using your flashcards, re-cap the sounds you know.
  • Recognise the sound of the day and practise saying the sound sentence.
  • Write the sound as many times as you can in a minute. REMEMBER: keep your letters close together and sounds far apart.
  • Read 5 words that use the sound of the day. Try reading a simple sentence that uses todays sound.  E.g. The sink is pink.
  • Write four words and a simple sentence using the sound of the day.


  • Sound Hunt
  • Cross the River
  • Blending words game (link is already on the website)
  • Buried treasure (link is already on the website)
  • Link to phonics play (Play Phase three games)
  • Link to Top Marks Letters and Sounds Games