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This work is for the pupils who are in Miss Collins' phonics group. This work will be updated each week to continue your child's learning. 

Set 1 Phonics Sounds

Your child has now learnt, and re-learnt the Set 1 sounds.

Please create flashcards to practise these sounds. These can be made simply using paper and pens, they don't need to be anything fancy.

Every day, flash the sounds quickly and ask your child to identify each sound as they see them. 

As we begin to learn the Set 2 sounds, make a flashcard for each new sound. 


Set 2 Phonics Sounds

Things to remember: 


When writing sentences:

  • always have a capital letter at the start of your sentence, a full stop at the end and finger spaces between the words in your sentence
  • sound out each word using your robot arms
  • count out the words in each sentence using your sentence fingers (this helps you make sure you have all the words you need in your sentence)


Below are the tricky words you know already. Write these out and display them somewhere in your house so you can use them when writing your sentences. 

Watch Geraldine the Giraffe learn different sounds using this YouTube channel

Weekly Work:


Week beginning 6th July 2020


Day 1: igh (fly high)

Day 2: ow (blow the snow)

Tricky Words: they, all

Watch these Alphablocks videos to help learn new digraphs (two letters, one sound)

Alphablocks - Learn to Read | SH & CH Teams | Phonics for Kids


Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Letter Teams - TH and CH

Alphablocks Series 4 - all the ay sounds (ay, ai, a__e)