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Spring 1 

This half term the children will begin looking at their 2,5 and 10 timestables. To begin with this will be done through songs and practical equipment, they will move onto solving multiplication problems and using reasoning to justify their answers.

2 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Wave Your Arms In The Air With Percy - with animation and lyrics

2 x table

5 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Say Percy Parker Quickly - with animation and lyrics

5 x table

10 Times Table Song - Percy Parker - Just Add A Zero - with animation and lyrics

10 x table

Active Maths- Adding single digits by counting on

Active Maths - Adding single digits using cubes

Recognising 2 digit numbers

Recognising digits

September 2019


Ordering days of the week with active Maths!


Today the children have been using active maths to make arrays to help them solve repeated addition problems.