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Maths at Faith

Maths at Faith this Autumn Term

What Maths can you see?

Year 4 Parent workshop

Year 3 Parent Workshop

Year 6 Parent Workshop

Year 1 have been working together to find the total of double numbers using Numicon

Year 6 have loved being active in maths today adding and subtracting fractions! Well done year 6!

Year 1 have been using active Maths to order the days of the week!

Year 5 have been learning all about the Titanic and as part of their Maths lessons they have been finding the perimeter of each of the rooms on the ship!

Year 2 have been solving problems using Numicon.

Year 6 have been investigating the most cost effective way to travel to Disney Land using BIDMAS to help them problem solve. We love using real life problems!

Today the Year 1 children have been using active maths to make arrays to help them solve repeated addition problems.

Attendance is very important at Faith and Year 5 have gone above and beyond to keep our data sky high! For our 'Statistics' unit, we used our school data to practically create a class line graph that compared the schools attendance over the past two years.

Year 2 have been working together making number sentences

During their trip to the bus station, Year 5 found some examples of real life Maths.


Year 1 have been exploring repeated addition.