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Friday 27th March

Number 4 is a fun number :) Listen to the song below recapping over the numbers we have looked at so far, have a go at writing numbers 1,2,3,4 in your yellow homelearning book. You can print the cards from the word document and hide them around your house and go on a number hunt or play a fun snap game too!

Sesame Street: Feist sings 1,2,3,4

Thursday 26th March

Today is all about the number 3! Join in with the fun song below and see how many ways you can show the number 3. Then have a go at completing the 'eye spy' number 3 sheet.

I Can Show the Number 3 in Many Ways

Wednesday 25th March

Today is all about the number 2! Go through the PowerPoint attached below. Can you go around your house or garden and find 2 of the same thing? 


Tuesday 24th March

Today is all about the number.....1

Can you have a go at writing the number 1? Can you make a giant 1 out of craft materials? Paint? Playdough? Dried beans? Let's get creative! 

Number 1