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This Weeks Work:


I am sure you have all been reading as much as you can over this time away from school. Below is a website that will give you lots of books to read with your child. 
Reading every day is super important and this will help you have more books to read! 

Our Book this week: Oliver's fruit salad.

Oliver's Fruit Salad

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Read the story and talk about what happened, why was Oliver not eating any food? How was his mum feeling? How was Oliver feeling? How do you know? What did Oliver enjoy doing with his grandparents? How are fruits grown? (you can use a computer to research this), What is your favourite fruit?


Activities to do:

  • Draw or print out pictures that show events in the story, put them in the correct order
  • Go shopping- shop and find some of the fruits that Oliver bought in the shops
  • Make fruit salad- follow the steps in the story and make the fruit salad, is it tasty? Which fruit do you like best?
  • Colour in pictures of fruits- make sure you use the right colours
  • Label the fruits- write out labels for each fruit you buy, use your phonics knowledge to help you (allow your child to write the word how they believe they should be spelt, it is a good way to practise using what they learn in phonics)
  • Write a sentence- “In my fruit salad, my favourite fruit was…” and draw your favourite fruit underneath
  • What other foods could you make with fruit? Get creative!

Fine Motor Skills:


These skills are vital in help children with their writing skills, take a look at the ideas below for inspiration. 



Letter Formation:

These worksheets can be printed and completed or copied onto separate paper you already have.

Dough Disco!

Put on some of your favourite songs and grab a ball of playdough or plasticine. In time to the music roll backwards and forwards between your palms to make a long sausage shape, squeeze into a small shape, roll around in a circle between your palms to make a smooth, round ball, pat to make a flat pizza shape and use fingers to make indents. 

You could try making your own playdough following this simple recipe: 

Name Writing:

Practise writing your first name on a line. Make sure that all of the letters are positioned correctly on a line and that there is a clear difference in height between small and tall letters. Use the letter formation resources above to help. Once your child can independently form all of the letters correctly in their first name they can start practising their sir name. You can use the worksheet below as a guide if you would prefer.

CVC Words: use these to inspire independent writing of consonant-vowel-consonant words