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Home Learning

From 29th June until the end of term, work will be uploaded on weekly basis for children to complete as part of their home learningsmiley





It is essential that children complete the work set for each day in both the Maths and English books provided. The work set will cover many aspects of the Year 6 Curriculum to ensure the children are well equipped for Highschool.


Each week, English and Maths work will be uploaded for the week, along with a Science lesson. Weekly Spellings and Vocabulary lists will also be uploaded for you to practice and test at home.


Sheets do not need to be printed and stuck in, however questions can be neatly written out inside the  books, along with the date and LO for each day. 


The children have also been given past SATS papers as extra work to work through in their own time as revision.


Miss Woodward :) 





Monday 27th April 2020 (27.04.2020)


English -  LO - To use P.E.E to structure answers.

Read the passage, and answer the questions. Use P.E.E correctly to structure your answers and use three different colours to underline the three parts within your answers. (Point, Evidence, Explanation…)


Maths -LO - To calculate angles in special quadrilaterals.



* Angles in a regular quadrilateral add to make 360 degrees.

*Right angles are 90 degrees.


                     In Harmony

Tuesday 28th April 2020  (28.04.2020)


Maths- LO - To calculate angles within regular polygons.


Remember, regular polygons can have a total of more than 360 degrees. Interior angles mean 'inside angles.' 


Regular polygons can be split up into triangles to help you work out missing angles (angles within a triangle add to make 180 degrees.)



English - LO - To use personal and possessive pronouns correctly.


Have a look at the link below to remind yourself of the differences between personal and possessive pronouns. Then have a go at todays activity.







Wednesday 29th April 2020 (29.04.2020)


English - LO - To identify points for and against.

Read the argument about fast food age restrictions. In your book, create a table with good points (for) and the bad points (against). Tomorrow you will be writing your own balanced argument for a topic of your choice! But you need to make sure you have statements from both viewpoints. 


Maths - LO - To solve mixed problems.


Thursday 30th April 2020 (30.04.2020)


English -  To plan a balanced argument.


Use the balanced argument template to structure and plan your own argument. You can come up with your own idea or why not choose one from the list below:


*Is school uniform a good idea?

*Would it be a good or bad thing if animals could speak?

*Should Year 6 students get free lessons throughout the week? (time off)

*Should the school day change from 9:00am - 3pm to 7:00am - 1pm?

*Should CCTV cameras be installed in classrooms?


Remember, you should have statements both for and against as you are writing from a balanced viewpoint! 


Maths - LO - To solve problems part 2

Friday 1st May 2020 (01.05.2020)


English -  LO - To write a balanced argument.


Use your plan from yesterday to write a detailed balanced argument. Remember to structure your writing into paragraphs and use the help sheets provided to get that vocabulary in there! 


Once you have finished and edited your writing, post it on our Class Dojo page for us all to read and debate!




Maths - LO - To calculate the mean


Go through the PowerPoint which shows you what the mean is and how to use it in data. Then have a go at the activity.


*Remember - To calculate the mean, add up all the numbers and divide by how many numbers there are.


Unit : Micro-Organisms



Lesson 1 -  Week Beginning - 23.03.2020


LO - To explain why some micro-organisms are useful and why some are harmful.


Go through the PowerPoint which will tell you information about the 3 different types of micro-organisms: bacteria, virus' and fungi. 


Next, choose which one you would like to write about and read the information sheet about that type of micro-organism. This will tell you why it is useful but also why and how it can be harmful.


Once you have read the information, use the WANTED template to create a fact-file of your chosen micro-organism (either: virus, bacteria or fungi.) Write positive points and the negative side effects. 


Lesson 2 -  Week Beginning - 30.03.2020


LO - To explain the varied purposes of different micro-organisms


Go through the PowerPoint which will tell you information about many types of micro-organisms.


Once you have read the information, use the sheet to work out the purposes of the different micro-organisms. Draw the table out in your book.


Lesson 3 - WB 20.04.2020


LO - To investigate the mould on bread.



Spelling and Vocabulary



Spelling and Vocabulary Lists: