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Basic skills - Friday 16th October 
This morning we are going to start off with going through our days of the week and months of the year with these 2 catch songs. smiley

Understanding the World - Friday 16th October 

Today we are looking at the weather smiley

Go through the PowerPoint below and look at the different types of weather we have. Once you have finished chose you favourite weather an design a picture inspired by that weather. Show me what you come up with on SeeSaw.

Test your weather and listening skills by playing this identifying weather sound game by clicking the link below!
Handwriting - Friday 16th October 

Time to grab some foil, cotton buds and shaving foam! Cover the foil with a flat layer of shaving foam or flour and use the cotton bud to write our tricky words.


I     he      she   the   to  go 

If you don't have all of the resources just adapt it in a way that works for you smiley

Reading - Friday 16th October 
Today is all about SUPER READING! I want to challenge you to read at LEAST 3 different types of text with your parents/carers. It could be a bit of a newspaper, magazine, leaflet, story, instruction or a menu! The possibilities are endless. Make a list or take a picture of the different types of texts that you find and read and share them with me on SeeSaw smiley
A second reading challenge for you today is a CVC word game. Grab a dice! Roll the dice and count that many square along. Can you read the CVC word that is written? You get a point for each word you read correctly. What is your score?
Maths - Friday 16th October 
Lots of counting practice today! Work your way through the pictures below. 

Count to 20 and Workout

Meditation - Friday 16th October 
To mark the end of 2 weeks of hard work today we are going to finish with a guided meditation. It is important to give yourself times when you are calm, peaceful and relaxed. 

Phonics - Thursday 15th October 

Today we will be looking at a new sound. Before we start refresh yourself with the sounds that we have covered so far. Read the list of sounds below:
















Our new sound is 'b' join in with Geraldine to go around her house to find objects starting with our new sound. What can you find around your house that starts with 'b'?

Have a go at writing our new sound 'b' remember to say the rhyme as you do.

"Down the laces to the heel, round the toe" How many can you write in 5 mins? 

Let's have a go at reading some CVC words that start with the sound 'b'. Remember to sound each letter out at a time and then blend them together. 
Maths - Thursday 15th October 
Let's get up and moving to this funky counting song! 

Today you need 

Cupcake tray or cupcake cases

posit notes or paper

Cereal or pasta


Practice your counting skills by filling the cupcake tray or cases with the correct number of cereal pieces. 

Put your counting to the test by counting how many of the objects you can see.
PSHE - Thursday 15th October 

We are all different and unique and we are all good at different things and have different likes and dislikes, these should be celebrated! Listen to the catchy song and pick one word that best describes you. Draw a picture of yourself and have a go at writing your special word to describe yourself above it smiley Post your work on SeeSaw. 
Listening and Attention - Thursday 15th October 

Play the listening and attention game below to improve your concentration and listening skills. 

Dough Disco - Wednesday 14th October 
Time to grab a sponge or some playdough and join in with the video below to get our fingers moving. REMEMBER active fingers make for super writers!!!! 

Physical Development - Tuesday 13th October 
Phonics - Wednesday 14th October 
Look at the pictures below. Can you say what each picture is? Now say what sound each picture starts with. Get a grown up to help you make a list of the different words. 
Game time. Have look at the website PHONICS BLOOM. I have attached the link below. Test out your phonics skills with their phase 1 & 2 games. 
I Spy is a great game for phonics skills. Join in with the game below.

Maths - Wednesday 14th October 
Today's warm up is counting back from 20! It can be a little tricky so you may want to listen to the song all the way through first.

Numbers are everywhere!! Today I would like you to go around your house and see what numbers you can find. Look in all the room in the house to find hidden numbers everywhere smiley Share your findings with me on SeeSaw.
Look at the picture below. How many of each object can you see? Practice recording your numbers practicing your number formation as you do. 
Health and Self Care - Wednesday 14th October 
Let's have some fun with food today. It is important to eat a range of foods and to each 5 fruit and vegetables a day. Can you come up with a funky healthy snack? Post your snack pictures on SeeSaw for your friends to see.

Physical Development - Tuesday 13th October 
Let's get up and moving today. Join in with these fun movement videos below. See if you can get everyone in your household involved yes

Maths - Tuesday 13th October 
Warm up time! Look at the number lines below. Can you fill in / say the missing numbers?
Autumn is in the air and today we are going to play an autumn counting game. Complete the Powerpoint game below smiley
For this activity you need a piece of paper and some pasta. Write some numbers from 1-10 in squares on the paper. Use your pasta to count out the correct amount of each pasta. Take a photo of your work and send it me on SeeSaw.
Phonics - Tuesday 13th October 
Today is new sound day. Join in with Geraldine Giraffe and see what you can remember that she finds and make a list.

Now we know how to say the sound, let's have a go at writing the sound. Remember to say the rhyme as you write the sound.

'Down the kangaroo's body, tail and leg. 

Can you write 'k' 10 times in blue? 5 times in yellow? 7 times in green? 4 times in red?

Let's finish our phonics for the day with a craft! Can you turn our 'k' sound into an object that starts with the sound?

A king , kitten, kettle, kangaroo or kite?

Handwriting - Tuesday 13th October 

This week we will be concentrating on 3 tricky words, remember tricky words cannot be sound out we just have to remember them. Our words for this we are 





Have a go at saying the words. See if you can write the words everyday.

InHarmony - Monday 12th October
Monday is InHarmony day. Just because we are not in school doesn't mean we still can't join in with our InHarmony session. Click on the document to find our InHarmony session for today. See if you can video yourself joining in and send it me on SeeSaw smiley
Phonics - Monday 12th October 
Warm up! Look at the sound cards below. Can you say each sound? Can you name something that starts with each sound? There are some new sounds in there as well. Can you identify them?
Look at the page below. Can you read the CVC words that contain our sound 'u'? Can you match the word to the correct picture? Remember to say each sound and then blend them together.

Dough Disco time! 

Grab yourself some playdough or a sponge. Join in with the video below and get those fingers moving. Remember, moving fingers makes for better writing wink

Handwriting - Monday 12th October 
For today's handwriting you need a tray and some flour, salt or shaving foam. Fill the tray and use your fingers to write the letters in your name. Flatten out the flour/shaving foam/ salt and see how many times you can write your name in 5 mins. Take pictures and send them to me on SeeSaw so I can see all of your fab name writing! 
Maths - Monday 12th October 
Warm up! Let's count to 20 yes

Let's get our counting heads on today. Click on the link below to play the topmarks game 'underwater counting' Record your answer for each question so you can practice writing your numbers as well.
Look at the pictures below. Can you identify how many of each object there is? Can you select the correct number?
Phonics - Friday 9th October 
Today we are looking at a new sound...'u'. Join in with our friend Geraldine and see what she finds around the house that starts with 'u'. 

Have a go at saying our new sound. Can you say the RWI rhyme that is wriiten on the card below? Have a go at writing our new sound while saying the rhyme "down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle." 
From pictures below can you know all of the items that start with 'u'? 
Handwriting - Friday 8th October
Today we are focusing on our red word 'I' remember you can't fred a red you just have to learn the word by sight. See how many times you can write the red word in 5 mins. 
Numeracy - Friday 9th October 
To start us off let's play a shape guessing game. Complete the game through the video below. 

Today we are looking at more and less. Work your way through the Powerpoint below and see if you can identify which hand is holding the most / least beans smiley

Watch the video below to get to grips with the new mathmatical language

  • compare
  • more
  • less
  • fewer
  • equal
  • same

Have a look at the pictures below. Can you identify which group has the most/ least?
Phonics - Thursday 8th October 
Let's get started with a warm up! Look at the initial sound picture cards below. Can you name what sound each picture begins with? Can you think of another object that starts with the same sound?
Recap time! What was the sound that we covered yesterday? Say the sound! Look at the board below and complete the question written on the board.
Now it's time to put our phonics skills to the test. On the board below I have written 3 words all starting with the sound 'c'. Using your Fred fingers say each sound by pressing the sound button and blending the sounds together. Once you have read the words have a go at writing the word and draw a picture for each word. Post me your pictures on SeeSaw smiley
Finish up activity! Can you finish the list of 'c' words. Look at the board below and complete the list, send me your list on SeeSaw! 

Numeracy - Thursday 8th October 


Warm up- Look at the pictures below from 1-5. What number is missing in each picture? Can you show that many on your fingers? Can you write the missing number? 


Look at the board below. Can you name the different shapes drawn? How many of each shape can you see? Show the answer on your fingers and then write the number. 

Challenge time- Go around your house and see if you can take pictures of objects that represent different shapes. I have done an example picture for you below. Send me your pictures on SeeSaw smiley
Topic - Thursday 8th October 

Let's get creative and design our own Aliens to go with our story. Draw around your hand and turn it into your own underpant stealing alien. Make sure you give your alien a name and post your work on SeeSaw for me to see smiley


Handwriting - Thursday 8th October 
Today we are looking at one of our 'red' words. REMEMBER you can't 'fred a red' you just have to learn the word on sight. The word today is 'the'. How many times can you write the word in 5 mins? 
Phonics - Wednesday 7th October 
Can you say the sound for each of these letters? Can you name something that starts with each sound?
Watch the video bellow, can you remember all of the things that she found that began with our new sound....? 

Can you write our new sound? The rhyme is...



Numeracy- Wednesday 7th October 
Watch the video below. Can you name the shapes that are said in the song?

Look at the picture below. How many...






Which shape appears the most in the picture? The least? 



English Topic- Wednesday 7th October 

Listen to the story that we have been sharing together in class. After you have finished look at the word mat below. Can you identify any of the pictures? Can you put the vocabulary in a sentence? Can you write any of the vocabulary on the word mat?
Handwriting - Wednesday 7th October 

Get yourself an array of colours. Get an adult to write you name on a piece of paper. Use the different colours to trace over your name until you have used as many colours as you can find.

Once you have finished find a writing pencil and see if you can write your name all by yourself smiley