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By Peter Bunzl

We began the term by making predictions based on our new class novel...

After reading the prologue, it was clear that John has a big secret! Year 6 predicted what the secret would be and wrote a letter to John's daughter (Lily), disclosing the secret.

Lily attends 'Miss Scrimshaw's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies'. Year 6 decided this would be the worst place ever to stay! We wrote a trip advisor review to make certain that nobody will make the same mistake as Lily!

Things have taken a turn for the worst, as Lily finds out her Father is missing! Year 6 completed an emotion graph to identify the change of emotions of Lily in Chapter 4.

In Miss Srimshaw's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies, the girls treat Mechanicals with disrespect. Year 6 focused on the question 'Should Mechanicals be treated equally?' Here is a video of our conscience alley...

Still image for this video