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How Many Fingers? A super song for practicing numbers 1-10

Nursery are exploring the theme of Autumn this half term.

Way Up High in an Apple

Nursery have been enjoying the story ‘The Tiger Who came to Tea’ and have learning a great song to go with the story. Have a look and listen with your child and have a sing along too! 

Tiger Who Came To Tea Song by Kathy Bumblebee

Nursery have been exploring numbers 1-5 and this catchy songs will help them along the way. Have a listen and see what actions you and your child can come up with to go with each song. 

5 little ducks

Ten In The Bed

Practice counting down from 10 to 1.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

🐷 🐄🐮👩‍🌾 🎶Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O.

Five Little Speckled Frogs


Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed