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L.O -Present tense and past tense, verbs ending -ing 



A verb is a word that shows an action or being. Verbs are often changed to past tense by adding an -ed ending, apart from irregular verbs which do not follow this pattern. For example, throw becomes threw not throwed! Think carefully about the spellings in your sentence. We call this the present/past progressive tense – it shows that an action is still ongoing. The past tense of “to be” is was or were. Find the verb, insert was/were in front of it and make sure the verb has an -ing ending e.g. we were starting. Make sure the spelling of your verb is correct when adding -ing.



Work through power point. Think how confident you feel with the learning objective and complete the 2 worksheets:

Varied fluency: 

1-4 OK

5-8 Tricky

9-12 Challenging


Application and reasoning

1-3 OK

4-6 Tricky 

7-9 Challenging