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Welcome to Maths at Faith Primary School 

Our Co-Ordinator is Miss Fox

Our Vision

Here at Faith we are fanatical about maths. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to explore maths using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. Using the School Improvement Liverpool Maths Plan, we deliver a maths curriculum that enables the children to deepen their understanding and promote confidence and competence so that they are proud of their achievements.


Click the links below to see our Maths Policies and the age related expectations for each year group.

Assessment in Maths


Teachers continually monitor and assess children’s progress in maths against the standards set out in the National Curriculum. These judgements are reports to senior leaders each half term. Governors receive a detailed report of standards across the school each term. 


Liverpool Counts Quality Mark 


This year at Faith we are working towards achieving the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark. 

The Liverpool Counts Quality Mark is part of a varied programme of strategies targeted at improving maths results for the city’s children. The specific remit of the Quality Mark is to tackle the negative attitudes which are prevalent in many areas of our society towards numeracy and mathematics. We aim to challenge these widely held views and promote a culture where people readily understand the impact good numeracy skills and mathematics qualifications can have on the social , financial , health and employment aspects of their lives.

We also aim to support teachers and other adults in our schools to encourage pupils to make connections in their numeracy and mathematics lessons to real life contexts and with other areas of their school experiences.

Maths Challenge


Try our Maths challenge.