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Curriculum Overview

For more information relating to the curriculum for each year group - please speak to the class teacher.

In Nursery we plan according to the interests of the children therefore the curriculum may vary throughout the year. 
In reception we listen to what the children are interested in therefore the curriculum may vary throughout the year.

Curriculum Overview

At Faith Primary School we follow a creative curriculum suited to the needs of the children. Each term the school has an over-arching topic on which class teachers base their work where possible.

Meet Our Maths Ambassadors

Faith Primary Mathematics League

Maths at Faith Primary


There have been some big changes for the teaching and learning of Maths. The age related expectations have risen and there are some new additions to the curriculum. If you would like to know more about the changes in maths, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be happy to fill you in.


Last academic year, we enriched the children's experience of Maths by including a Maths Fun Week. This took place in July, when the sun was shining, allowing the children to learn in the outdoor environment. Here at Faith, we really value the benefits of applying learning to real life situations so that the children can see the bigger picture and are given the opportunity to apply their skills.


1stclass@Number 1
1stclass@Number 2
1stclass@Number 3
1stclass@Number 4
1stclass@Number 5
1stclass@Number 6
1stclass@Number 7
1stclass@Number 8
1stclass@Number 9
1stclass@Number 10
1stclass@Number 11
1stclass@Number 12
1stclass@Number 13
1stclass@Number 14
1stclass@Number 15
1stclass@Number 16
1stclass@Number 17
1stclass@Number 18
1stclass@Number 19
1stclass@Number 20
1stclass@Number 21
1stclass@Number 22
1stclass@Number 23
1stclass@Number 24
1stclass@Number 25
1stclass@Number 26
1stclass@Number 27
1stclass@Number 28
1stclass@Number 29
1stclass@Number 30
1stclass@Number 31
1stclass@Number 32
1stclass@Number 33
1stclass@Number 34
1stclass@Number 35
1stclass@Number 36
1stclass@Number 37
1stclass@Number 38
1stclass@Number 39

Success@Arithmetic Calculation

Success@Arithmetic Calculation 1
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 2
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 3
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 4
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 5
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 6
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 7
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 8
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 9
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 10
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 11
Success@Arithmetic Calculation 12
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4

Success@Arithmetic Number Sense

Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 1
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 2
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 3
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 4
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 5
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 6
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 7
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 8
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 9
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 10
Success@Arithmetic Number Sense 11

Key Stage 1 phonics is taught through the use of the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme. Our school uses a number of reading schemes so that all pupils experience I breadth of text types and develop a love of reading.


Phonics 1
Phonics 2
Phonics 3
Phonics 4
Phonics 5
Phonics 6
Phonics 7
Phonics 8
Phonics 9
Phonics 10
Phonics 11
Phonics 12
Phonics 13
Phonics 14
Phonics 15

Enterprise Week


For Enterprise week children learned all about making a profit, advertising and market research. Children and teachers alike were very competitive as always. End of the week celebrations were very enjoyable and educational. Thanks to all the parents for showing their support.

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