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Afterschool Clubs

Spring Term

We have a wide range of after school activities that take place over the year. Our extra curricula clubs are free of charge. Some of the clubs on offer this Spring term are:-


Basketball Club

3-3.55pm  KS2 Thursday - Basketball


Cookery Club

3-3.55pm  KS2 Thursday - Cookery 


Cross Country/Athletics Club

3-4.00pm Years 5 & 6 Tuesday - Cross Country Running/Athletics

3-4.00pm Years 3 & 4 Wednesday - Cross Country Running/Athletics


Football Club

3-3.55pm Years 3 & 4 Monday - Football

3-3.55pm Years 1 & 2 Tuesday - Football

3-3.55pm Years 5 & 6 Wednesday - Football


Gymnastics Club

3-4.00pm KS2 Friday - Gymnastics


Kintting Club

3-3.55pm KS2 Wednesday - Knitting


Maths Club

3-3.55pm Year 2 Wednesday - Maths

3-3.55pm Year 1 Thursday - Maths